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Movie tonight on the Bermuda

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Reviewed by Robert Pardi Rating: Faced with Adult Personals Online - Rio claro local dating wrenching medical dilemma stricken with cancer, his wife Mary has learned that chemo treatments will save her life but kill their unborn babybusinessman Brian Foster Tom Verica takes Mary Charlotte D'Amboise to Bermuda to ponder their future.

While cruising the ocean, a freak electric storm overtakes Brian's rented boat and somehow sweeps Mary into another dimension.

Naturally, the police suspect foul play, but a determined Brian finds a sympathetic ear in skipper Sykes Graham Beckel who, unbeknownst to Brian, also lost a bride to the Adult seeking casual sex Weehawken NewJersey 7087 unsolved mystery years ago.

Sykes introduces Brian to Charlie Christina Haagan electromagnetic visionary who, with Brian's financial backing, finishes constructing a machine that's capable of inducing storms. With this gizmo on board, Sykes pilots Charlie and Brian to the Triangle, where they penetrate this fourth dimension.

Once there, they not only find a healthy-looking Mary, but Sykes' long-lost wife. And who's that mute boy trailing after Mary?

If you've been waiting to learn what happened to those poor souls who've disappeared within the notorious Bermuda Triangle, look no. According to this silly movie, they're ushered into a combination Club Med, natal clinic and reunion site for lost loves.

Are we really to believe that the Triangle exists chiefly as an arena for familial rapprochement? The tyke's identity is a lollapalooza.

And where are all those other folks who've gone missing over the years? Discussing tax shelters with their ants?

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