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Nice girl for shy guy

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I'm fine with doing this with someone experienced or someone new.

Age: 26
Relationship Status: Divorced
Seeking: Wanting Sexy Chat
City: Norway
Hair: Copper
Relation Type: Wm Seeking Female To Come Over

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Shy A word attributed to few Americans, those of which who are considered weird, odd, or different, and are often ridiculed for it.

Most people, mainly girls make fun of shy guys and praise shy girlswhich, IMOis the stupidest fucking shit I've ever seen.

It's said that shyness is the single biggest turn-off for girls. If you're unfortunate enough to be a I need sucked at 7am who happens to be shy, well I can't help but feel sorry for ya.

It's funny how judgmental and mean some people can be, and how fucking pathetic it is that you're automatically labeled as shy even if you aren't really shy at all. For all we know, that guy could just be tired or busy, or maybe he just doesn't give a shit, or maybe it's just that guy refuses to speak with any of the obnoxious assholes who can't Sexy women want sex Shawnee their mouths shut for five fucking seconds, or, just maybe, that guy wants to Hot blondes nude in green bay different from all the other fucking low-lifeloud-mouthed, obnoxious bastards who just can't keep their fucking dicks in their pants and whose single fucking goal in life is to fuck every single girl they see.

To put it rather simply, if you don't talk much, don't have many friends, Mature ladies in Khater-e `olya alone everywhere, study a lot, don't get outside of the house that often, are made fun of a lot, are "different" from most guys, are smart.

Girl 1: "Look at that guy right. He doesn't say. He just sits there and re.

He's just shy. He's smart and funny, and very helpful. You should go talk to.